Access to your hotel services, information and amenities

Offer your hotel guests detailed information on the services and amenities of your hotel at any time of day or night thanks to your GroomService mobile concierge application

‘Can I take breakfast in my room and if so how much does it cost?’, ‘Are dogs allowed?’, ‘Does the hotel have conference rooms?’.

You know full well that private or professional hotel guests always have lots of questions when preparing their stay. They often look for information on the web. So, it’s up to you to ensure you provide them with sufficient information to satisfy their needs.

Before the stay.

Responding to questions

Your GroomService mobile concierge application enables you to supply your hotel guests with attractive and personalised content and to provide answers to all their questions. You can present a detailed layout of your hotel, provide a list of services and facilities, and encourage people to book via their mobile phones.

During the stay.

Responding to needs

While they are staying at your hotel, your guests have needs and wishes: dining, sports activities, relaxing, enjoying a glass of wine, etc. Thanks to GroomService, they have access to the list of your services and special promotional offers from their mobile devices as and when they need. And what’s more, you can send them messages to encourage in-hotel spend and increase your turnover.

After the stay.

Responding to feedback

The one shortcoming of a guest book, is that it does not enable dialogue. Your hotel guests leave their comments, but they often remain unanswered. With your mobile concierge application, you can enter into a dialogue and forge bonds with your hotel guests. By remaining in contact and responding to their comments, you generate greater customer satisfaction.

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