Measure and improve customer satisfaction

Measure and improve the satisfaction of your customers before, during and after their stay in your hotel thanks to your GroomService mobile application.

What influence do Trip Advisor, Booking, Expedia or Trivago have on the occupancy of your hotel? We all know that online opinions are important in purchasing decisions among consumers. Improving customer relations and increasing satisfaction have become essential. A satisfied customer will come back time and again and recommend your establishment. Ensuring loyalty among your customers starts well before they even book their trip, while they are carrying out their initial searches. And it continues throughout their stay and long afterwards.

Before the stay:

Meeting the information needs of your customers.

‘Where is the hotel located?’, ‘Is there free WiFi?’, ‘Is it possible to set up a crib in the room?’, ‘Can I book a table in the restaurant?’. Customers look for all kinds of answers to their questions long before they book. Thanks to your GroomService service you can reply and built up a positive relationship with your customers. Your mobile application provides an attractive presentation of the amenities and facilities in your hotel.

During the stay :

Responding to expectations and measuring satisfaction.

Your customers have specific requirements all through their stay: services, local information, public transport, etc. Thanks to your GroomService message service, you stay in touch and are able to respond to their needs. Your mobile application also enables you to measure your customer’s satisfaction. You are able, via forms and satisfaction surveys, to monitor any problems as soon as they arise and provide solutions.

After the stay:

Ensuring customer follow-up.

You customers may well have left your hotel, but your relationship with them does not stop there. Thanks to your GroomService application, you are able to maintain contact with them and offer them special deals.

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