Recommend local tourist attractions

Thanks to your GroomService mobile concierge application you can present a list of and recommend local tourist attractions and products and services of your partners. Take advantage of the power of reviews and recommendations.

"Good evening, could you recommend a typical regional restaurant?’, ‘Is there a trendy bar in the vicinity?’, ‘Which are the essential sites to visit?". You are familiar with this situation: your hotel guests clamour around the reception desk of your hotel looking for information and recommendations about local tourist attractions. A mobile application is here to help your reception staff.

Exhaustive tourist information

Your GroomService mobile concierge application enables you to present a list of all the information about local tourist attractions as well as the products and services of your partners.

A simple and attractive interface containing a wealth of information provides your customer with all the information they need.

The power of reviews and recommendations

Your GroomService app doesn’t just provide your guest with a list of locations, but detailed information with maps and above all reviews from other users.

Because, yes, your hotel guests leave their reviews together with a score and recommendations for other users. This is the power of reviews and recommendations that have a defining influence on purchasing decisions.

The indispensable ally of your staff

They will most probably have considerable information about what is going on in the region, but your staff cannot possibly know everything. Sometimes long and intensive research is necessary to provide optimal responses for your hotel guests.

Thanks to the GroomService app, your concierge has access to information from one single source. So, there you have it: a speedy response improves customer satisfaction and increases staff efficiency.

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