Everything about your hotel on your hotel guests’ mobile devices

GroomService is a mobile concierge and customer relations application for hotels. Available on iOS and Android. Find out about all the benefits it offers your establishment.

Imagine downloading for a few seconds then clicking on the screen and having all the details about your hotel on your hotel guests’ smartphone or tablet. Inside information: a presentation of your services and facilities. Outside information: an exhaustive list of local tourist attractions and your recommendations. Welcome to your Groom-Service hotel concierge app.

Groom-Service is accessible on all the major mobile devices and under Android and iOS. It is an exceptional way of forging strong bonds with your hotel guests.


Who is the GroomService mobile app designed for?

In recent years major hotel chains have developed concierge applications for their own hotels. Today, GroomService makes this tool available to independent hotels so that they can present full details of their services and amenities, establish an ongoing dialogue with their hotel guests and measure satisfaction levels as and when they want. But the solution is aimed above all at YOUR HOTEL GUESTS. Detailed information about the hotel and surroundings, online orders, etc. Everything your hotel guests need for a guaranteed exceptional stay in your hotel is now within hand’s reach on their mobile devices.

Why should you create a mobile app for your hotel?

Because your GroomService application is THE solution to meet the needs of your mobile internet using guests’ today and tomorrow. We all know that smartphones and tablets have become most people’s indispensable travelling assistant. And this is your window of opportunity. By using a mobile app like GroomService, you enable your hotel to stay ahead of the game when it comes to new search and purchasing tools. The app puts you exactly where you need to be. Where your hotel guests can find you.

How does the mobile GroomService app work?

You might think that you have insufficient resources for managing your application. But rest assured, all you need is some text and attractive photos. It’s as simple as that. The encoding in your content management system (CMS) is intuitive and rapid. And we are there to help if you need us.
Follow-up of the actions within the app takes place via a dashboard available on your computer screen. In just a couple of clicks you have access to a mine of information. A great asset that guarantees efficiency and improved customer relations.

What are the benefits of the GroomService app for your hotel?

• Greater customer satisfaction
• Increased turnover
• All the advantages of a mobile strategy
• Improved staff performance.

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