How to improve the efficiency of your staff?

Reduce the load of certain tasks, providing speedy access to information. Thanks to your GroomService mobile concierge application you can encourage autonomy among your hotel guests and improve the efficiency of your hotel personnel.

When hotel guests cross the threshold of your hotel, they want to be able to relax. They expect you to be at their disposal and to respond to their needs speedily and efficiently. This is not always simple when your personnel have tasks to complete elsewhere. But, a mobile concierge application will help you improve the efficiency of your personnel and your hotel.

Reduce the load of certain tasks and increase efficiency

When hotel guests want information or a specific service they often go the reception or the first member of staff they come across. These are not always the right people. Thanks to your application, your guests can gain greater autonomy. You can respond to their inquiries directly in a message on their mobile phones, or call for the most competent member of staff for that request.

The right staff in the right place.

In the past, when your guests had a specific request (change the sheets, order room service, book a table in a restaurant), they went to the hotel reception desk. Today, thanks to GroomService, they can enter and send requests via their mobile devices. You are thus able to check the requests from your dashboard and deploy the appropriate member of staff.

Speedy access to information for greater efficiency

Gastronomic restaurant, trendy bar, museum… Your hotel guests want to know the best places to go in the region. Thanks to GroomService, they have access to all this information both inside and outside your hotel.

And if they do go the reception desk with their request, your concierge also has a simply, speedy and efficient tool that enables him/her to meet their needs and guarantee satisfaction.

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