Online hotel reservations from mobile devices

Encourage mobile bookings of your hotel rooms and increase your occupancy rate thanks to your GroomService application.

Hotel bookings via smartphones and tablets have exploded. In 2013, one person in three in Europe booked a hotel room from their mobile device at least once.

This trend will continue and become even stronger in the future. So, don’t miss the gravy boat. Thanks to your GroomService hotel concierge app, you can simplify mobile reservations and respond to the demand from hotel guests travelling on business and for pleasure.

Mobile bookings popular among business travellers

Business travellers are always pressed for time and are constantly connected to the web for their business affairs. Half of all businessmen book hotel rooms from their mobile devices. Having a simple, ergonomic and speedy application is a major asset for your establishment.

Especially as apart from boosting room reservations you can also encourage the purchase of other services that are popular among businessmen: conference rooms, restaurants, taxis, etc. An excellent way to increase the turnover of your hotel.

Travelling for pleasure:mobile bookings are gaining ground

Mobile devices are now considered as personal travel assistants. Your hotel guests already use them to carry out searches, so encourage them even further in their decision-making.

Thanks to your GroomService application you can simplify mobile bookings and offer your guests additional services: extra beds, room upgrades, breakfast, etc.

Mobile reservations for the Y and Z generations

The young people of today are your hotel guests of the future. And they don’t go anywhere without their smartphone in their hand. Have you thought about anticipating changes in purchasing habits?

Thanks to your mobile application, you can respond to the specific needs of these ultra-connected hotel guests and enhance satisfaction scores among them.

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