You need an online marketing and mobile strategy

Make sure you are present on the web with attractive content, meet the needs of mobile internet users and steer the e-reputation of your hotel thanks to your GroomService concierge mobile application.

Before choosing a hotel, your customer will do a search of the web: Are the photos of your hotel attractive? Are your amenities well explained? What do other guests say?

Your GroomService mobile application enables you to be visible online with attractive and useful content, to satisfy the needs of mobile internet users and to steer your e-reputation.

Attractive content for your internet marketing strategy

Just imagine… your hotel guests open your application and come across magnificent photos of landscapes, your swimming pool, your comfortable rooms.

And if, in addition to whetting their appetites, you are able to answer their inquiries with a clear and detailed presentation of the services and amenities in your hotel, you are well on your way to completing the act of seduction.

A mobile strategy for easier purchasing

So, you have succeeded in seducing your hotel guests. Now all you have to do is ensure that you capitalize on this. Everyone knows that online purchases and purchases via mobile devices are on an unchecked upward curve.

With your GroomService application, your hotel guests can book their rooms online, check in or book a table in a restaurant.

Steer your reputation on the web

Consumer review sites play a decisive role in the purchasing process. Dissatisfied hotel guests are more likely to post their opinions than satisfied hotel guests.

Thanks to GroomService, you can have an ongoing dialogue with your hotel guests and improve the customer experience factor. Satisfaction surveys enable you to keep a close eye on the situation and take corrective action should a problem arise.

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