Room-service from mobile devices

Simplify access to room service for your private and business guests. Simplify the ordering process and boost your turnover thanks to your GroomService hotel concierge app.

In the past when your guests needed room service, they called the reception desk. Today they can put in their orders via their mobile concierge application directly using their mobile devices. GroomService simplifies order taking and promotes spending among hotel guests who are travelling on business or for pleasure.

Room service from the conference room

Throughout their stay, your business hotel guests are ultra-connected (managing emergencies, handling emails, sending out minutes of meetings, etc.). Encourage them to order room service online and enhance their degree of comfort.

Your business guests can order the drinks and snacks via their mobile devices. You can serve them directly in their conference room. This is an asset that guarantees greater overall satisfaction.

Room service order: no more inhibitions

Your private hotel guests may want to have breakfast in bed, order a bottle of champagne for a romantic dinner. But some of them feel inhibited when it comes to calling staff for these services.

Thanks to your GroomService application your guests can order your hotel services directly from their mobile devices. No more awkwardness inherent in dealing with staff.

Access to room service in one’s own language

For some foreign guests, ordering room service ends up being a major challenge: no knowledge of the local language, limited knowledge of most common international languages.

Thanks to your mobile concierge application, your guests have access to your menu in their own language. The ordering system, that just requires a few clicks, simplifies the purchasing process and boosts turnover.

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