An evangelist was urgently needed!

Although our customers today hail from all corners of the world, there had to be a first one. So, we hand over to our very first partner

Arminda Fernandes

General Manager - Alliance Hotel Liège Palais des Congrès

“GroomService enables us to extend our services and reinforce the bonds with our customers by presenting them with up-to-the-minute details of our services and by being alert to their wishes thanks to the multilingual instantaneous messaging service integrated in the application. The GroomService application enables us to save precious time and to concentrate on providing advice. The Alliance Hotel Liège Palais des Congrès has almost 220 rooms and is located on the banks of the River Meuse, just a few minutes’ walk from the city centre. The satisfaction and pleasure of our guests are among our primary concerns. Given these priorities, we were very interested in the GroomService project as it corresponds completely with the current demands of ultra-connected hotel guests who are looking for a practical way to stay abreast of everything that’s going on in real time. Thanks to the instantaneous and dynamic updating facility it is possible to adapt to the demands of hoteliers who are looking for a thoroughly modern tool (interactive, more optimal, more suitable and more flexible than our usual paper formats).”

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